The Recovery Center at Manning Regional Healthcare Center is in Manning, Iowa, population 1,500. Manning is in the southwestern corner of Carroll County, located in West Central Iowa. Our facility is 90 miles west of Des Moines, and approximately 90 miles north and east of Omaha. We can be accessed by state highway 141.


Confidentiality is of the highest priority at the Recovery Center. Because we are a department of a hospital (Manning Regional Healthcare Center), all Recovery Center employees undergo strict HIPAA Privacy Rule training. Keeping personal and treatment details of all residents private is not just a matter of morality – and maintaining employment – but it is essential in establishing trust between staff and individuals seeking treatment.

Our licensed counselors understand there are several deeply personal reasons that can lead to drug or alcohol addiction. They create safe environments during therapy sessions to promote honest and raw discussion to get to the root of these causes. Residents and families can be assured none of the details they share are discussed outside of those safe spaces.

Recreational Activities

For nearly four decades, the progressive community of Manning has provided a comforting environment for residents seeking treatment. Community members and business owners are used to facilitating Recovery Center residents’ integration into everyday life and support the therapeutic value of that practice.

Even though Manning is a small town, it provides several recreational activities for individuals to enjoy. As part of the recovery program, residents are transported to fun events throughout the community. For example, it’s common for residents to enjoy group outings at the local bowling alley or the town’s recreational renter – which even boasts a year-round indoor pool.

Facility Amenities

The Recovery Center at Manning Regional Healthcare Center moved to a beautiful new replacement facility in 2014. Overall, this modern hospital is 62,000 square feet and provides state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and superb medical care. Should an unforeseen medical emergency occur, residents and families can be comforted in knowing professional, potentially life-saving care is just steps away. Additionally, the department, along with the entire facility, is tobacco free.

While the Recovery Center is a department within the Manning Regional Healthcare Center, our area does not look like a typical hospital. Our residential rooms have home-like furnishings and our commons area – which is exclusive to just Recovery Center residents and staff – features foosball and other games to enjoy. There is also an outdoor basketball court for those who wish to remain active during the day.

All snacks and meals are provided by the hospital dietary department. Therefore, we can easily accommodate any residents’ allergies or dietary restrictions.

Finally, the Recovery Center is not a locked facility. That means residents are not forced to stay, and free to leave if they do not wish to complete the program.